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#1 Migration from Sourceforge to dedicated project hosting. Operation and Maintenance task 09/21/12

Having thought about moving away from Sourceforge for a long time now, we finally decided to leave Sourceforge. This decision became easier when Sourceforge decided to cease providing some of the services we are using (Hosted Apps Retirement). Since we would be forced to install and maintain the needed software with the Sourceforge project web ourselves and since some of the URLs in use would change anyway, there really is no reason left to stay. To keep you up to date, this ticket will be used to track all ongoing activities.

#75 Backwards incompatible refactorings. JOMC task 09/06/14

#86 Extraction of general purpose artifacts from reactor. JOMC task 04/04/16

#88 General maintenance. JOMC ⁑ JLS task 04/05/16

#90 General maintenance. JOMC ⁑ CLI task 04/09/16

#93 Backwards incompatible refactorings. JOMC Tools task 04/15/16

#100 General maintenance. JOMC ⁑ RI task 04/24/16

#111 General maintenance. JOMC ⁑ Modlet task 09/05/16

#121 General maintenance. JOMC ⁑ Model task 10/31/16

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